1.      Only the Subscribed customer, based on the submitted connection address can use the water service of CWD, except for emergency humanitarian actions like giving water to a neighbor.

2.      If the subscriber share the connection with a family member he/she will be liable on payment of services.

3.      Tampering of Water meter is ground for immediate disconnection and for CWD pursuing all legal means to bring the offender to court, and for the offender to pay the penalty and other charges.

4.      It is illegal to use the subscribed water for commercial use, like selling the water or using it for commercial fishpond.

5.      Any monthly usage that goes below 70% of average monthly usage (AMU) is ground for CWD to check/investigate/disconnect/discontinue water services, unless the customer fill up an Extended Absence from Residence or EAR at least 5 days before their planned vacation or any reason to be absent from their residence.

6.      Sustained Consumption of more than 3,000 cu meter and/or residences with dipping pool, ornamental fishpond or Jacuzzi will be levied Php 350/cu meter or monthly surcharge of 20% on top of the actual peso cost based on the meter reading.


*          “These policies are subject to change at the discretion of CWD and the PRU, including penalties stated in this service contract for any violations are immediately in effect, unless any of this or all of these contradict any existing laws.”

As per Board Resolution 2012-013



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